Introduction about us.

We, Midland rubber JSC, previously are Midland transaction and producing rubber center since years of 90. Besides, we are one of the leading companies in producing & providing natural rubber for domestic & export markets. Our main products include: SVR3L, SVR10, SVR20, RSS, Latex..., which is controlled under Vietnam & international standard.

Our main export markets are Japan, Korea, India, Germany, and Russia…

With young, professional & active staffs, we are very glad to corporate with all domestic & abroad customers in purchasing natural rubber and finished rubber product.

We are effort to be the leading company in supplying natural rubber in Vietnam with professional service.
Throughout our business, we contribute for social by providing value service for customer, partner, laborer and society.
Do business professionally with trusty.
Our main products are SVR 3L, SVR 5, SVR 10,SVR 20, SVRCV 50, SVRCV 60, RSS, Latex… are controlled under Vietnam & international standards.
Our slogan for business development is personnel factor. We, Midland rubber JSC, already built up an enthusiasm, high educational & responsibility staff in business

With our experience & professional in producing & supplying natural rubber, we are ready to corporate with all value customers.
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