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On 28th September, 2020, rubber price has increased by 1% after the published data indicating China’s economic recovery from coronavirus
– Contracts on Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) for January delivery are at 188,7 yen per kg, rising by 4,4 yen. Contracts for December delivery are at 198,8 yen per kg, rising by 13,8 yen.
– Contracts on Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) for January delivery is at 12.625 yuan per ton, rising by 200 CNY. Contracts for November delivery rise by 175 CNY, at 11.880 yuan per ton.
Industrial companies in China, the world’s second largest economy and the biggest consumer of rubber, have been reported to reach the fourth successive month of an increase in revenue, as a result of the rally in commodity and capital equipment prices. It can be explained by the increased demand, the government’s stimulus measures and an upsurge in exports.
In Japanese market, the rubber price in contracts for January delivery keeps going up. However, the current price has decreased by 3% compared to the 3-week top last week. It is due to the reduced activity of Japanese factories and other economic impacts of the epidemic.
Mentioned Rubber tree, you think that it is planted in the Middle and South of Viet Nam with good climate for growing up. North west has border between Lao and China, located in mountain areas and harsh weather, which lead to have many difficulties for local people living there. In recently, the weather changes with global warmer, it appear heavy iced-rain, flooded, landslide, frost,… After researching, rubber tree can be planted there and it brings value on economy, the local authorities under leading of the government decided to plant this kind of tree. The first rubber tree was planted in Son La province and the first factory which produce rubber products was built.    

Image: The machine in the factory in Son La

In addition, the local people rear bee to take honey and pollen which are natural agricultural products good for the health. Natural rubber forest brings a better life for the local people.

Ha zy -MRG

Updated at 1pm, 6th August 2020:
The rubber price is recorded to increase in fourth successive session:
– Contracts on Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) for January delivery is at 171.5 yen per kg, rising by 1.2 yen. The price sometimes reached 171.7 yen per kg, which is highest since 10th March, 2020
– Contracts on Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) for September delivery is at 12.170 yuan per ton, rising by 0,4%
This increase can be explained by the following points: Firstly, some positive signs of economic recovery in America in July are hoped to recover the industrial production, which includes rubber process. Secondly, many car manufacturers show desire of boosting sales of car in the last months of the year when the coronavirus epidemic is moving toward relaxation. It is because of the fact that automobile sales around the world have been dropping sharply during the first half of 2020, which puts an adverse effect in rubber production.


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