Natural rubber in Northwest of Viet Nam

Mentioned Rubber tree, you think that it is planted in the Middle and South of Viet Nam with good climate for growing up. North west has border between Lao and China, located in mountain areas and harsh weather, which lead to have many difficulties for local people living there. In recently, the weather changes with global warmer, it appear heavy iced-rain, flooded, landslide, frost,… After researching, rubber tree can be planted there and it brings value on economy, the local authorities under leading of the government decided to plant this kind of tree. The first rubber tree was planted in Son La province and the first factory which produce rubber products was built.    

Image: The machine in the factory in Son La

In addition, the local people rear bee to take honey and pollen which are natural agricultural products good for the health. Natural rubber forest brings a better life for the local people.

Ha zy -MRG

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